Program changes made after May 9, 2017 (not included in the printed Final program) are available HERE (pdf) – updated on May 29, 12:45.
A digital version of the printed final program is available HERE (pdf).
A final detailed scientific program you can see HERE.
A final program at glance you can see HERE.
A final program of symposia is available HERE.
A list of Networking Meetings is available HERE.

Message from the WAS Scientific Committee Chair

The WAS Scientific Committee together with the Local Scientific Committee is organizing a scientific programme of excellent quality for the WAS Congress in Prague. An extensive number of key international leaders in sexual health and sexual rights topics already accepted to present at the Prague Congress (see below). The scientific programme emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of Sexual Health/Sexual Rights covering 7 main themes: Basic Research, Behavioural, Social & Historical, Bio-medical Research, Clinical Research & Practice, Public Health & Policies, Sexual Rights, and Sexuality Education. Besides the scientific diversity, we will also have gender balance and regional representation, with invited speakers coming from the five continents. Moreover, we will have an extensive number of symposiums organized by Global organizations as well as WAS affiliated societies from around the world presenting and discussing the most central and current challenges in the fields of sex research/sexual health/sexual rights as well as in-congress workshops with key leaders and experts in the field. This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to come together and present, share and discuss with key leaders and colleagues from across the world while enjoying a real multidisciplinary and global atmosphere.

Welcome to Prague

Pedro Nobre

Main Tracks

  1. Basic Research (basic processes, neuro-physiological processes)
  2. Behavioural, Social & Historical Research (non-clinical)
  3. Bio-medical Research (basic, pharmacological, clinical)
  4. Clinical Research & Practice (psychotherapy, sex therapy, couple therapy)
  5. Public Health, Epidemiology & Public Policies
  6. Sexual Health & Sexual Rights (actions and advocacy)
  7. Sexuality Education


  1. Adolescents Sexuality 
  2. Aging and Sexuality 
  3. Clinical Sexology 
  4. Commercial Sex Work 
  5. Couple Therapy 
  6. Culture and Sexuality 
  7. Depression/Anxiety and Sexuality 
  8. Disability and Sexuality 
  9. Drugs and Sexuality 
  10. DSM-5 and ICD-11
  11. Evolutionary Sexology 
  12. Female and Male Sexuality 
  13. Gender and Sexuality 
  14. Genital Cutting and Modifications 
  15. History and Sexuality 
  16. HIV, AIDS, STI and Sexuality 
  17. Hormones, Contraception and Sexuality 
  18. Law and Sexuality
  19. LGBTQAI 
  20. Medical Conditions and Sexuality 
  21. Minorities and Marginalized Groups 
  22. National Surveys of Sexual Behaviour 
  23. Neuroimaging of Sexual Response 
  24. Neurological Disorders and Sexuality 
  25. Out of Control Sexual Behaviour 
  26. Politics and Sexuality 
  27. Pregnancy and Sexuality 
  28. Religion and Sexuality 
  29. Romantic Love 
  30. Sex and the Internet 
  31. Sexual and Reproductive Health 
  32. Sexual Dysfunctions 
  33. Sexual Education 
  34. Sexual Medicine 
  35. Sexual Preferences 
  36. Sexual Rights 
  37. Sexual Satisfaction and Well-being
  38. Sexuality and Life-span Development 
  39. Transgender & Transsexualism 
  40. Violence and Sex (violence, child abuse, rape) 
  41. Other 
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