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Sexuality education for 7–12 year olds, a guide for teachers (ID 16)
Suss Åhman, Susanna Ruuhilahti (Finland)

Comparative Study from Chile and Paraguay: Perceptions and Sexual Behaviors of People Interested in Sexology (ID 556)
María Rosa Appleyard Biscotti, Constanza Bartolucci (Paraguay & Chile)

Beginning and maintain of the romantic relationships in Chileans Elderly (ID 312)
Julieta Aranguiz, Cristhel Fagerstrom, Mauricio Lopez, Cecilia Albala (Chile)

The Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction among Arab female living in Saudi Arabia (ID 40)
Atia Attaky (Saudi Arabia)

Sexual activity in patients with heart failure (ID 287)
Anneleen Baert, Sofie Pardaens, Delphine De Smedt, Dirk De Bacquer, Els Clays (Belgium)

Liesma Baltā, Inara Roja, Zenija Roja (Latvia)

Characteristics and Specificities of Adolescent Sexual Offenders (ID 488)
Ricardo Barroso, Pedro Nobre (Portugal)

Movie-therapy: Sex-addiction and Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier (ID 139)
Susanna Basile (Italy)

The Perception of Sexuality among Elderly People who Attend a Senior Living Center in the Amazon Region (ID 163)
Mahamoud Baydoun, Camila Patriota Ferreira, Mirian Donadon (Brazil)

Parental nudity and psychosexual development (ID 421)
Siham Belbachir (Morocco)

SEX EDUCATION The parents in front of the sexuality of their child (ID 420)
Siham Belbachir (Morocco)

Italian female sexual fantasies: do they really differ from men's and have they changed in time? (ID 524)
Tania Bianchi (UK)

MSM’s partner notification practices and experiences following HIV diagnosis (ID 85)
Jade Bilardi, Alana Hulme-Chambers, Marcus Chen, Christopher Fairley, Sarah Huffman, Jane Tomnay (Australia)

Cervical screening uptake in the UK Armed Forces: What are the barriers? (ID 330)
Jodie Christina LeQuesne Blackadder-Weinstein, Richard Withnall, Laura Jarvis (UK)

Talking with transgender women in Brazil about real vaginas (ID 158)
Marcia Ivani Brambila, Claudia Garcia de Garcia, Dhiordan Cardoso, Cesar Bridi, Lísia Maya Monteiro, Jaqueline Salvador, Karine Scharz Maria Inês Rodrigues Lobato (Brazil)

Female Genital Plastic Surgery: Social Representation and Femininity (ID 251)
Cesar Augusto Bridi Filho, Isadora Torres (Brazil)

Service and research in Sexuality: Clinic and social action (ID 455)
Cesar Augusto Bridi Filho, Isadora Torres, Lucas Thummler, Andre Luis Volmer (Brazil)

Sexual Behavior in Patients with Gender Dysphoria (ID 250)
Cesar Augusto Bridi Filho, Dhiordan Cardoso Da Silva, Karine Schwarz, Marcia Bambrilla, Claudia Garcia De Garcia, Jaqueline Salvador, Maria Ines Rodrigues Lobato (Brazil)

The findings gained from the application of verapamil into the plaque of patients suffering from induratio penis plastica (IPP) – morbus Peyronie  (ID 78)
Marek Broul, Jan Schraml, Miroslav Strbavy, Petr Skala, Miroslav Zoubek (Czech Republic)

Late complications not known on mastectomies related to sexual dysfunction: case study (ID 367)
Cristiane Carboni, Maria Cristina Anselmi, Alexandre Fornari (Brazil)

Gender Identity Program: the scope of health treatment of transsexuals in Brazil (ID 338)
Dhiordan Cardoso da Silva, Anna Martha Vaitses Fontanari, Claudia Correa De Garcia, Angelo Brandelli Costa, Márcia Brambila, Karine Schwarz, Cesar Bridi Filho, Maiko Abel Schneider, Bianca Soll, Maria Inês Rodrigues Lobato (Brazil)

Talita Castelão Fernandes, Eneida Pena Torres (Brazil)

A case report- Primary vaginismus: Predisposing factors in Singapore (ID 183)
Xinyi Cheong, Tse Yeun Tan, Caroline Shi Ling Chua, Jean-Jasmine Mi-Li Lee, Seng Bin Ang (Singapore)

Mental health and the health-related quality of life of college students suffering from sexual dating violence (ID 91)
Edmond Pui Hang Choi, Janet Yuen Ha Wong, Daniel Yee Tak Fong (Hong Kong)

Substance misuse in conjunction with sexual activities among college students in Hong Kong (ID 92)
Edmond Pui Hang Choi, Janet Yuen Ha Wong, Daniel Yee Tak Fong (Hong Kong)

Behavioural change to reduce the risk of pharyngeal gonorrhoea in men who have sex with men (ID 239)
Eric Chow, Sandra Walker, Tiffany Phillips, Christopher Fairley (Australia)

Research on New Residents Women Sexuality Intimacy of Marriage in Kaohsiung Mino Area (ID 384)
YuanHsiang Chu, YenChin Lin (Taiwan)

Margherita Colombo, Simona Gabriella Di Santo, Chiara Malandrino, Marco Silvaggi, Cristina Rossetto, Chiara Nanini, Irene Melis, Cinzia Artioli, Sara Simone, Valentina Fava (Italy)

Hypersexual Disorder: a clinical and epidemiological study (ID 264)
María Contreras, Celia Canorea, Rama Daniel, Chiclana, Carlos (Spain)

Cláudia Corrêa Garcia de Garcia, Marcia Brambila, Dhiordan Cardoso, César Bridi, Karine Schwarz, Angelo Brandelli Costa, Maria Inês Rodrigues Lobato (Brazil)

Mortality salience increases subjective sexual responsiveness: preliminary findings (ID 89)
Rui Miguel Costa, Paula Mangia, José Pestana (Portugal)

The method of the quality sex education to youth (ID 278)
Munkhjargal Darambazar, Sarannemekh Toivgoo (Mongolia)

Contraceptive Vaginal Ring and Female Sexual Function in Kigali, Rwanda (ID 280)
Thérèse Delvaux, Evelyne Kestelyn, J. van Nuil, M. Umulisa, M. Uwineza, G. Umutoni, S. Agaba, I. de Baetselier, C. Nöstlinger, V. Jespers, T. Crucitti, J. van De Wijgert (Belgium, Rwanda & UK)

Developments in Social and Clinical Research and Treatment of Gender Dysphoria Relevant for Sexuality Experts (ID 153)
Mingyu Deng, Judy Kuriansky, Wanrong Yang, Shiyan Lao, Yingying Lao (USA)

SEXUALITY LEARNING AREA (1967–2017) – GUIDELINES and recommendations (ID 149)
Linus Dietz (Germany)

SEXUALITY’s LEARNING AREA 1967–2017 in Germany (ID 148)
Linus Dietz (Germany)

What is the Psychological Impact on Patients Experiencing Prolonged Waiting Times for Gender Reassignment Surgery? (ID 14)
Jack Donati-Bourne, Emilia Angova, Njeri Ibrahim (UK)

Effect of Methandrostenolone on sperm motility in animal model (ID 472)
Ahmad Eghtesad, Simin Fazelipour (Iran)

Awareness and Knowledge of Adolescent Young People and Their Parents in Mongolia Regarding Sexuality (ID 68)
Shingo Esumi, Takashi Sano, Yasuko Aoyama, Ryusuke Ae, Sanae Haruyama, Hisako Takamura, Yoshikazu Nakamura (Japan)

Gender affirmation process in Brazilian public health system: challenges to integral care (ID 563)
Ana Luiza Fanganiello, Marina Milograna Zaneti, Fernanda de Sousa Vieira, Natalia Turena Rocha, Thales Cervi, Juliana Alves, Daniela Biral Monteiro, Magnus R. Dias-da-Silva (Brazil)

Qualitative study: therapeutic group as treatment for women with primary genito-pelvic pain (ID 193)
Ana Luiza Fanganiello, Livia Bentes, Lilian Macri, Ivaldo Silva, Meire Santana, Teresa Raquel Embiruçu (Brazil)

Valentina Fava, Irene Melis, Margherita Colombo, Marco Silvaggi, Cristina Rossetto, Chiara Nanini, Cinzia Artioli, Sara Simone, Chiara Malandrino, Simona Gabriella Di Santo (Italy)

Translation and cultural adaptation of the Biphobia Scale to Brazilian Portuguese (ID 550)
Itor Finotelli Jr., Carolina da Silva Carrilho Garcia (Brazil)

25 Year Trends in Australian Adolescent Sexual Health Knowledge, Perceptions and Behaviour (ID 518)
Christopher Fisher, Wendy Heywood, Jayne Lucke, Graham Brown (Australia)

Education Strategies for Competence in Sexual Health (ID 564)
Shadeen Francis (USA)

An educational program on Transgender issues and diversity for preschool children (ID 297)
Nuria Gallego Peláez, Eva González-Ortega (Spain)

Differences and commonalities between detected and undetected child sexual offenders (ID 552)
Charlotte Gibbels, Jonas Kneer, Lisa Christoff, Tillmann H.C. Krüger, Boris Schiffer, Jorge Ponseti, Klaus M. Beier, Martin Walter (Germany)

Workshops on Adolescents Sexuality: A Yearly Program Experience in Paraguay (ID 308)
Ariel González Galeano, María Rosa Appleyard Biscotti (Paraguay)

The influence of romantic attachment style matching and combination on conflict resolution and relationship quality among romantic couples (ID 270)
Eva González-Ortega, Isabel Vicario-Molina, Begoña Orgaz Baz, Antonio Fuertes Martín (Spain)

Reasons for (not) using condoms among the Polish ageing population (ID 559)
Gabriela Gore-Gorszewska (Poland)

Evaluating the use of long-acting reversible contraceptives; what can be done to improve uptake? (ID 79)
Caitlin Gorman (UK)

Sexual function in pregnant women in Brazilian public health system (ID 521)
Cristina Helena Luz Grecco, Cândice Cezimbra Miranda, Maria Celeste Osorio Wender, Luiza Brust, Janete Vettorazzi, Edimárlei Gonsales Valerio, Fernanda Santos Grossi (Brazil)

Family Background, Education, and Adolescent Sexual Behavior in Japan (ID 256)
Yusuke Hayashi (Japan)

Davinia Heras Sevilla, Sara I. Tapia Hernández (Spain)

Sexual function is not improved after rectocele repair (ID 395)
Dilsad Herkiloglu, Sadik Sahin (Turkey)

Youth Sexuality in Germany (ID 407)
Angelika Hessling (Germany)

Japanese sexual minority’s help-seeking behavior after recognition of mental distress (ID 202)
Chihaya Iwagaki (Japan)

The influence of internalized stigma on sexual minority people’s help-seeking (ID 292)
Chihaya Iwagaki (Japan)

Evaluation of the Patients’ Motives Decide to Undergo Penile Enhancement Surgery (ID 271)
Su-Yeon Jang (South Korea)

Report of Penile Surgery Transplanted with Allogenic Dermal Graft for Treatment of Premature Ejaculation (ID 259)
Su-Yeon Jang (South Korea)

A dangerous connection: Frontolimbic dysfunction in non pedophilic child sexual offenders (ID 557)
Kneer Jonas, Christopher Sinke, Christian Kärgel, Viola Borchardt, Charlotte Gibbels, Martin Walter, Tillmann Krüger (Germany)

Sexual functions and sexual myths of mothers of vaginismus patients (ID 349)
Julide Kenar, Hale Yaci, Hüseyin Güleç (Turkey)

What quality of sex life for Algerian women living with HIV? (ID 334)
Redha Hocine Kettache, Nour El Houda Kicha, Zahira Boudiaf, Khaireddine Chettibi, Mekki Aidaoui, Zaara Boumaza, Maamar Laouar (Algeria)

Efficacy of Bremelanotide for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (RECONNECT Study) (ID 558)
Sheryl Kingsberg, John Lucas, Robert Jordan, Carl Spana (USA)

Mathematical modelling of pressure versus pain relations in women suffering from dyspareunia (ID 545)
Steffi Knorn, Damiano Varagnolo, Reinhile Melles, Marieke Dewitte (Sweden & the Netherlands)

Personality structure and proneness for sexual excitation/inhibition among young polish adult women (ID 364)
Robert Kowalczyk, Jacek Kurpisz, Krzysztof Nowosielski, Michał Lew–Starowicz (Poland)

Sexual orientation and proneness to sexual excitation / inhibition in polish males and females (ID 369)
Robert Kowalczyk, Krzysztof Nowosielski, Jacek Kurpisz, Michał Lew-Starowicz, Jerzy Samochowiec (Poland)

Sexuality education with adolescent football players in Turkey: Challenges and opportunities (ID 442)
Rayka Kumru (Turkey)

Personality traits and erectile functions in young adult males (ID 365)
Jacek Kurpisz, Robert Kowalczyk, Krzysztof Nowosielski, Michał Lew-Starowicz, Jerzy Samochowiec (Poland)

Cognitions and Emotions During Exposure to Erotica in Men With and Without Erectile Dysfunction (ID 548)
Pedro Laja, Carlos Fernandes, Pedro Nobre (Portugal)

Teenagers´ perception and doubts about sexuality (ID 454)
Lucia Alves Lara, Emanoela P. T. Arruda, Rosana M. Reis, Ana Carolina J. S. Rosa-e-Silva (Brazil)

Trans and sex (ID 307)
Suzann Larsdotter (Sweden)

Hospital based Sexual Rehabilitation Program for Persons with Disabilities as Government-sponsored Program in Korea (ID 65)
Bumsuk Lee, Jeong-A Yu (South Korea)

Robot-assisted sacrohysteropexy and sexual function (ID 306)
Dong Sup Lee, Seung-Ju Lee (South Korea)

The Effect of Counselor Training Program on Sexual Comfort in Taiwan (ID 388)
Hsun Lee, Yen-Chin Lin (Taiwan)

Acceptance of Homosexuality in Taiwan (ID 522)
Po-Chun Lee, Yin-Jou Chou (Taiwan)

Instrument to assess quality of life in subjects with Primary Hypertension (ID 523)
Po-Chun Lee (Taiwan)

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) for chronic prostatitis: clinical results of our experience (ID 320)
Piero Letizia, Giovanni Alei, Antonio Rossi, Ferdinando De Marco (Italy)

Original technique for penile lengthening using a pubo-cavernous space maintainer (ID 317)
Piero Letizia, Giovanni Alei, Antonio Rossi (Italy)

Sex Addiction: Myth or Reality (ID 55)
Dennis Lin (USA)

Sexual Function in Schizophrenia (ID 54)
Dennis Lin (USA)

Internship in human sexuality: Educational perspective for psychology students (ID 285)
Maria Claudia Lordello, Eder Pinheiro, Aline Franca, Danilo Silva, Paola Vieira, Daniela Toniol, Denise Santana, Natália Garrido, Joaquim Neto, Leila Cruz (Brazil)

Psychosocial difficulties and female sexual dysfunctions (ID 245)
Maria Claudia Lordello, Suzane Holzhacker, Lilian Macri, Laise Veloso, Zelia Macedo, Nina Batista, Ivaldo Silva (Brazil)

Contraceptive Behavior among Japanese Adolescents (ID 415)
Misaki Matano (Japan)

Osmar Juan Matsui-Santana, Juan Carlos Alcalá-Fonseca, Raúl José Luis Calvo-Cruz, Alma Gabriela Rojas-Aranda, Martha Villaseñor-Farías, Cynthia Zárate-Lazcano, Eduardo Cruz-Moguel, Lucía Del Socorro Paz-Navarro, Carlota Eugenia Tello-Vaca (Mexico)

The evaluation of tunica albuginea of cavernous bodies properties by methods of elastometry (ID 126)
Iaroslav Miroshnikov, Oleg Dynnyk, Timur Karayev, Segiy Kerus, Igor Natalenko (Ukraine)

The concept of Spark Wave Therapy (SWT) assisted penile augmentation (ID 517)
Niaz Mirza (Ukraine)

Herbal Medicine Today: Clinical and Research Issues (ID 566)
Taqee Ansari Mohammed (India)

Sexual interest, dating and marriage in Down syndrome (ID 252)
Lilia Maria Azevedo Moreira, Julie Alvina Guss Patrìcio (Brazil)

The effect of body touch on Intimacy and Self-acceptance (ID 145)
Yumiko Nakahara (Japan)

The developmental difficulties for children with cloacal malformation and their families (ID 93)
Miyuki Nishida, Noriko Suzuki, Shirahata Mineko, Noriko Hayata, Ikuko Oikawa, Chikaho Nomaguchi (Japan)

Schema modes in sexual offending (ID 357)
Justyna Oettingen (Poland)

Identification of epithelial progenitor cells in the rat vagina (ID 569)
Kwangsung Park, Hyun-Suk Lee, Ho Seok Chung, Mieun Kim, Jun Sik Lee (South Korea)

The role of the clitoris in female sexuality (ID 56)
Zlatko Pastor, Roman Chmel, Marta Nováčková, Lucie Krejčová (Czech Republic)

Preliminary Findings on the Translation and Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Sexual Desire Inventory – 2 (ID 209)
Maria Manuela Peixoto, Hugo Gomes (Portugal)

Perception of Brazilian youth about pornography use and its consequences (ID 217)
Cynthia Perovano Camargo Baumel, Priscilla de Oliveira Martins da Silva, Valeschka Martins Guerra, Agnaldo Garcia, Zeidi Araujo Trindade (Brazil)

Pornography consumption and relationship: a systematic review of 2006–2015 (ID 218)
Cynthia Perovano Camargo Baumel, Valeschka Martins Guerra, Agnaldo Garcia, Alini Gusmão do Rosário (Brazil)

Introducing a theoretical and practical module on Sexual Health in the Medical Curriculum (ID 476)
Heraldo Povea (Chile)

Narrative Therapy for managing sexual dysfunctions in adults associated to Childhood Sexual Abuse (ID 475)
Heraldo Povea (Chile)

A quantitative study of the Spanish BDSM community, preliminary results (ID 533)
Ignasi Puig Rodas (Spain)

Sexual functioning in men with prostate cancer (ID 433)
Ana Luísa Quinta Gomes, Erick Janssen, Ganesan Adaikan, Pedro Nobre (Portugal, Belgium, USA & Singapore)

Diagnostic Categories of Transsexualism in the DSM and ICD. A Critical Examination (ID 562)
Germán Quiroz, Bernardo Useche (Colombia)

Sexual Functioning in ‘normal’ Indian Male (ID 290)
Pawan Rathi, Ganpat Vankar, Nishant Ohri, Amandeep Gill (India)

Child and adolescence sexual abuse and compulsive sexual behavior (ID 276)
Sirlene Caramello dos Reis, Marco de Tubino Scanavino (Brazil)

Relationship among sexual functioning problems, depressive symptoms and life satisfaction (ID 427)
Maria Teresa Ribeiro, Pedro Nobre (Portugal)

Strategies for generating attitude changes in sexuality by linking information with emotion (ID 373)
Rinna Riesenfeld (Mexico)

Sharp rise of syphilis cases among Japanese young women and its cause (ID 296)
Yumi Rikitake (Japan)

Gender: explanation, identities, oppressions (ID 392)
Marcia Rocha (Brazil)

Testosterone as a Modulator of the Neural Response to Sexual Inhibition (ID 540)
Geraldine Rodriguez Nieto, Franziska Emmerling, Marieke Dewitte, Alexander T. Sack, Teresa Schuhmann (the Netherlands & UK)

War veterans and their intimate relationships: Traumatic after effects (ID 43)
Ami Rokach (Israel)

Ethical Guidelines for Sexuality Educators (ID 15)
Susanna Ruuhilahti, Suss Åhman (Finland)

Effectiveness of shock wave therapy: implementation of a soft wide focus applicator in patients with erectile dysfunction (ID 519)
José Pablo Saffon, Juan Manuel Martínez, Carolina Sandoval, Héctor A. Corredor (Colombia)

Jamal Salhi, Massimo Del Prete (Italy)

Process of decision in a legal abortion service: the qualitative analysis of two cases (ID 114)
Sandra Scalco, Bruna Hentges, Daniela Knauth (Brazil)

Impact of antimicrobial therapy on the semen parameters of infertile men with asymptomatic urogenital microorganism (ID 565)
Ju Tae Seo, Hyo Serk Lee, Jin Ho Choe, Joong Shik Lee (South Korea)

Importance of Kegel Exercises for male and female sexuality and prevention of vaginismus (ID 318)
Hisham Sharif, Vincenzo Puppo, Mansour El Fekih (Tunisia, Italy & Canada)

Effect of Alcohol Administered With Flibanserin on Dizziness, Syncope, and Hypotension in Healthy, Premenopausal Women (ID 551)
Eric Sicard, Denise Raimondo, Jason Vittitow, James Yuan, Robert Kissling (Canada & USA)

Sexuality education in Slovenia (ID 236)
Gabrijela Simetinger, Irena Rahne Otorepec (Slovenia)

Anorexia and sexuality (ID 450)
Tatiana Strepetova, Domenico Trotta, Loredana Otranto, Fernanda Gorga (Italy)

A case report- Multidisciplinary approach to primary vaginismus in Singapore (ID 180)
Tse Yeun Tan, Xinyi Cheong, Caroline Shi Ling Chua, Jean-Jasmine Mi-Li Lee, Seng Bin Ang (Singapore)

Female genital self-image: how is this measured? (ID 175)
Meredith Temple-Smith, Natasha Blumer, Jennifer Hayes (Australia)

Speaking safer sex: Exploring how young Australian men negotiate condom use (ID 291)
P. J. Matt Tilley, Hilary Key (Australia)

Integral Health Care for Transgender: the experience in basic health care in Florianopolis, Brazil (ID 412)
Maria Juracy Toneli (Brazil)

Evaluation of Dianabol effects on Fertility rate in male mice (ID 471)
Zahra Tootian, Hassan Morovvati, Simin Fazelipour, Mohammad Babaei (Iran)

Faces of sexuality in the doctor-patient relationship (ID 541)
Paulina Trojanowska (Poland)

Erectile dysfunction and hyperhomocysteinemia – case study (ID 355)
Pavel Turcan, Pavel Pokorny, Martin Prochazka, Jana Kvintova, Martin Sigmund (Czech Republic)

Organizational Mentorship For Community Based Organizations in South East Asia (ID 106)
Ria Ulina (Indonesia)

Preliminary findings from research evaluation of an online graduate level course on Sexual Health and Sexuality Education (ID 516)
Ann Valle, Hilde Lunde, Stine Kühle-Hansen (Norway)

E-learning on sexual and reproductive health and rights for stakeholders of development cooperation (ID 177)
Wim Van de Voorde, Karel Blondeel (Belgium)

Ana María Velásquez Sepúlveda, Bernardo Useche (Colombia)

The high incidence of Cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy: a case-control study from cervical cytology specimens in Guayaquil, Ecuador (ID 561)
Ketty Vera, Marissa Schettino, Hector Zambrano (Ecuador)

Chinese ancient sexual culture impacts modern sexual health (ID 527)
Qinghua Wang (China)

The evolvement of marriage and sexual life customs for two thousand years in China (ID 549)
Rui Yang (China)

Dating and relationship violence and non-volitional sex among 16–19 year-olds in England and Wales: A cross-sectional study of types of victimisation (ID 546)
Honor Young, Catherine Turney, James White, Chris Bonell, Ruth Lewis, Adam Fletcher (UK & USA)

The impact of individual counselling based on self-awareness skills of sexual satisfaction in women of reproductive age in Gorgan, Iran (ID 554)
Tayebe Ziaei, Marzieh Gorzin, Masumeh Rezaei Aval, Nasser Behnampour (Iran)

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